Best SIP Plan for 5 years in India

There is ample scope for capital gains in five years duration if one invests in equity mutual funds. The ups and downs of markets can be overcome by investing via SIP route so that you gain from the cost averaging and gain in long term.

The best SIP plan for five years must match with your profile and financial goals. If you are a retired person, equity is not the best SIP option for you. For a retired person who needs regular income, the best SIP schemes would be FMPs as the rate cycle is not expected to be downwards for next few years. Long duration debt schemes would lose in stable to rising interest rate scenarios and hence FMPs which the investors should hold for their complete duration would be best as they would get the interest and would not be exposed to capital loss that may arise in case of a rate hike.

For young investors looking to invest for five years, SIP in equity schemes is best as it offers capital gains with tax benefits. The best SIP plan for 5 years for these investors would be to select from mid and small cap funds with consistent high past performance. They should avoid schemes having exposure to PSU banks and high debt companies. There are many good schemes available in this area and investors should select them carefully looking at the fund corpus, past performance, and the fund manager track record.

Many good schemes are regularly recommended at and investors can also easily invest online in SIP in all schemes using this easy to use mutual funds portal.




Best Online Tax Saving Options

Taxes can be saved through insurance, fixed-income options and ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Schemes). However, all you must have proper knowledge of picking the right tax saving options. Among all the Best online tax saving options, ELSS is the smart way to save you taxes as per historical records. There are some tax saving schemes you should consider about that SBI MAGNUM TAXGAIN SCHEME 1993 – GROWTH, PRINCIPAL TAX SAVINGS FUND & AXIS LONG TERM EQUITY FUND – GROWTH. Investing in these funds can save you tax up to Rs. 46,350/- and also gain high returns. In simple word Investing in tax saving funds can get two benefits simultaneously, one for tax saving and other wealth creation. Plan today and start investing with ease of online.


Invest in Tax Saving funds and Turn Your Taxes into Wealth

Now! The time has come to turn your taxes into wealth, RR finance giving the best tax saving options online to convert your taxes into wealth. Invest in tax saving funds and save tax upto Rs. 46,350/- u/s 80c. ELSS funds come with the shortest lock-in periods for 3 years, which is the main benefit of this fund. Investors can redeem their money hassle free after complete the lock-in periods with good returns. Now the big matter of concern for all who are coming in tax slab that is the tax saving. Reason is that paying taxes, losing your salary every year. But investment in tax saving funds is the big solution because if you are investing 1.5 Lakhs then you can save your taxes upto Rs. 46,350/-. Start planning for today and get an acceleration of your salary.



Best Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in India

Everyone wants to set their financial goals to invest in top mutual fund schemes online. But some time happen that people were not getting the proper schemes so that they might make their investment wealthy. Some fraud, financial advisors misguide such investors who don’t have proper knowledge and recommend investing in worst schemes. Filter and avoid all advisors who suggest worst schemes. Find such platform which has best mutual fund schemes to invest. Set an initial amount to cut down from your salary and invest for long time so that you might gain maximum benefits. A mutual fund is the only way that helps to achieve financial goals after a decade. So if you are not aware from mutual funds, instant hire advisors and know about all schemes with ease.





Invest in ELSS to Save Income Tax Early

Tax planning requires awareness of available options and timely planning. Different investors need different approaches. But all must know about the best tax-saving mutual fund schemes.

Tax saving mutual fund schemes or Equity Linked Savings Schemes are undoubtedly the best tax-saving option available under Section 80C.

It also has a low lock in period, ELSS comes with a mandatory lock-in period of three years.

You should start thinking of investing in ELSS to save income tax early in the financial year. Best approach is to start investing right away in a regular manner. It not only imparts the financial discipline, but this method also offers taxpayers enough time to do proper research and choose the schemes that are most suitable for your needs.

To invest in a regular basis, you should start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in an ELSS or tax-saving mutual fund scheme of your choice. When you choose a one year SIP with monthly investment, the money will be invested automatically every month in a tax-saving scheme for 12 months. You can invest for any length of duration in open ended Top mutual fund scheme.

These ELSS schemes are equity based schemes investing in stocks so they are inherently more riskier then debt mutual funds, You should invest in ELSS as best tax saving investments only if you have a risk-appetite to understand the volatility in the stock market.

There is a mandatory lock-in period of three years in these schemes but for better results you should invest in them with an investment horizon of four to six years.

If you opt for government-backed tax-saving options, most of them are fixed income instruments offering very modest returns. But ELSS funds have the potential to offer superior returns because they invest in stocks. The best tax saving schemes category has returned 22 per cent in one year, 14.5 per cent in three years and 18.5 per cent in last 5 years


Why you Should Choose the Best SIP Plan for 5 years

People earn and spend to complete their basic requirement, but all in these There are some people who save money. They are worried about future of their child’s and own retirement. So that people become rich after completion of their job. People who are not planning to invest and spend their hard earned money that situation they are making their future valueless. If your age under between 25 to 35 then you need to consider the Best SIP Plan for 5 years to create wealth. In this competitive world everyone must aware about mutual funds investment. Mutual Funds give the ways to achieve financial goals after a  long time. Find the Top Plans to go through our web portal and make your investment hassle free.


SIP for Investing in Current Scenario

Whenever markets reach extreme points whether it is a lifetime high or a new bottom, investors always panic and are scared to invest. If markets are very high, they feel it may not sustain at such high levels, if markets are very low, they feel it is a downtrend and may continue! So, in both extremes they are scared to enter. If they have already invested, then again, they will be panicked for the same reasons. What should a smart investor do to avoid such indecisive moments?

The best approach is to stop worrying about markets ups and downs in the short term and invest for the long term. It is a well known fact that over long periods markets always give positive returns; during any ten year rolling period, markets have never given any negative returns and overall equities have generated 14% CAGR in the long term.

The most effective approach to overcome the fluctuations in markets is to invest regularly. When markets are at a low, the prices are down and you get more units for the same amount, this effectively reduces your average cost of units and when markets go up, you are able to make profit. Using SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), you are able to invest in mutual funds online without any hassles, your money is automatically deducted from your account every month and units are purchased in your account.


You can invest in all the best mutual fund schemes using SIP online and this method makes you a disciplined investor.

Another major advantage of investing regularly and for long term is that you gain from the benefit of compounding interest, the longer your money remain invest the more return you are able to generate.

These are the most crucial advantages of using SIP because of which lakhs of smart investors are now using this online approach to invest in the best mutual fund schemes.

Identify your financial goals with Systematic Investment Plan

It is simple but powerful concept of identifying the financial goals. Once you have identified your goals, you can fulfill your entire requirement after retirement. Systematic investment plan is the disciplined way of investing, where you can invest small sums of amount on the monthly or quarterly basis. If you start investing in SIP then easily can identify goals, reason is that SIP gives returns on the basis of the power of compounding systematically. Your small investment can help to achieve your big dreams like a child’s education, owning a car, house or celebrating holidays after your retirement. SIP is the strongest way of investment that gives higher returns.

Basic key points to identifying financial goals


  • Cut down a small amount from your salary to invest in Best SIP Schemes.
  •  Set time duration for investment, according to your need after retirement.
  • Invest continuously until you achieved your goals.
  • As your budget grows, get additional purchase and increase investment amount.


Doing these steps can easily help you to complete financial goals easily. So start investing!

ELSS is a Best option for Tax Saving Online

ELSS stand for Equity Linked Saving Schemes and it is diversified equity schemes offered by mutual funds in India. ELSS offers tax benefits under section 80c. ELSS can be invested both lump-sum and systematic investment plan simultaneously. Now in these days tax planning is a tedious exercise for all tax payers. They wondering for best for tax saving options, but not getting the expert advisor’s they invest in appropriate place. At last investors can’t save their taxes much. Need to consider about Tax saving funds (ELSS), this is the best options for tax saving online with ease. Investing in ELSS can save tax and create wealth with minimum lock-in periods. ELSS fund provides the opportunity for hassle free investment means anyone can invest online from anywhere anytime. No needs to wait for financial year start investing now!


Tax Saving Fixed Deposits

As per income tax laws, if you invest in a tax saving fixed deposit scheme, you can claim up to Rs 1.5 lakh as a deduction from your income. This amount is to be deducted from gross total income to arrive at the taxable income. This deduction is allowed under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Key features of tax saving fixed deposits –

  1. Only individuals and HUF can use avail this benefit
  2. There is a minimum FD amount that varies from bank to bank
  3. Loan against FD is not allowed
  4. Minimum lock in period for these fixed deposits is five years
  5. An investor can invest in these fixed deposits through any public or private sector banks but not through cooperative or rural banks
  6. If you invest in five year post office deposits, then that also is eligible for tax deductions under section 80C
  7. Post office fixed deposits can be transferred from one post office to any other post office
  8. TDS will be deducted on interest earned from these deposits as per the tax slab of the investor. The interest/ deposit can be paid monthly or quarterly. Investor can also reinvest the interest
  9. Investor can use nominee facility in these FDs
  10. For tax saving fixed deposits also there is a higher interest rate facility available for senior citizens like the normal FDs
  11. It does not have auto renewal facility