Top Four Benefits of Systematic Investment Plan

Convenience– Anyone can invest their money without any hassle. It’s very simple and systematic investment plans. In online SIP investment no any lock-in periods of your amount, you can invest monthly and quarterly basis according to your budgets.

Transparency- An investor can check their all status Online of Systematic Investment plan.  Very good transparency between AMC and Investor means investors can track their records online.

Long term wealth creation- SIPs are beneficial for long term wealth creation. Age is no matter for Investment in SIP mutual fund. Invest on regular basis for long term to create wealth.

Saving Habit- It inculcate the habit of savings among the investors.


Best SIP Plans to invest in 2017

It is the time to pondering how doing financial planning. For best financial planning, consider best SIP plans to invest in 2017. SIP is a scheme that can help you achieve your goals. In this plan minimum investment amount required to invest like you can start with Rs 500/- per month. The main benefits of investment in this fund you can alter your investment amount according to your budgets. No any time to set for redemption means investor’s any time can withdraw their invested amount with profit. So SIP scheme is the best option to invest in this year.


Invest Online in Tax Saving Fund to Get Tax Benefit

An individual can get benefits on the investment option Rs 1.5 lakh in tax saving funds under section 80c. These funds have minimum lock-in period of three years which will benefit for you. Taxpayers can save tax up to Rs. 46,350 and also can create wealth. Growth option for salaried person has only been Tax saving funds. Once you have invested, your money will be locked for three years. The benefits of tax will be instant on the investment, financial year and wealth benefits will be after completion of lock-in periods. Few financial days remaining to invest, so start investing online in tax saving funds for a better future.


Start Investing in Best Systematic Investment Plans

We all have various dreams like owning a car, a house, going on vacation and child education. But all these dreams possible when you start investing in Best Systematic Investment Plans. Choosing best SIP schemes can make your all dreams with ease. SIP can start with the minimum amount like Rs. 500/- pm; everyone can afford and invest easily this amount. Investing small sums of amount in Systematic Investment Plan on the regular basis can make you Crorepati after your retirement so that you can complete your dreams. Cut your minimum amount of your salary and invest in SIP Funds to save your family’s future.



Set your Financial Goals Investing in Systematic Investment Plans

The First Step towards achieving financial freedom is to set small financial goals, investing in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Using SIP your goals can be a short or long term. In the short term your benefits can not higher, but in the long term you can get higher benefits. Most of Financial planners choose long term SIP for better returns. Income tributary is capped for a salaried person he would need to save as much as possible. Cut down your expense using our best SIP plans to split your goals into long term. Knowing the amount you can save every month use the compound interest calculator to match your shortfall amount. So stop worrying about your retirement, start investing today to be rich tomorrow.


Time is short, Start investing in tax saving funds before the Deadline

Every investor who wants to save their tax they need to be serious about tax saving, because tax saving season is at peak. Everyone must plan to invest their idle money in tax saving funds before the deadline. You can invest for tax saving online till 31st march 2017. So the countdown for tax saving has been started. Just start minimizing their taxes with India’s most reputed finance company RR Finance. Here twin benefits of investment in tax saving funds, one is saving tax and second wealth creation within minimum lock-in periods. Start investing now to secure your future.


Choose the Best Tax Saving Options for You

So many options, So many opportunities but little time. If you have still not completed your tax planning for 2016-17, don’t dread. RR Finance annual ranking of tax saving options cuts through the muddle and tells you which the most suitable option for you is.


You can judge better options for tax saving investment. The ranking estimated all the investment options on few key parameters— returns, safety, flexibility, liquidity, costs, transparency, ease of investment and taxability of income. Each parameter is adjunct scores are worked out for the various tax saving investment options. Fixed deposits for tax saving is on top scores, you can invest only one click on Our finance advisor will suggest you the investment process and make it very easy.

Investment in tax saving funds has now become very easy via e-KYC facilities. This process will take only 25-30 minutes and this process is paperless. The main advantage of e-KYC is you don’t need to go bank everything will be done at your home. Don’t wait till March, Start investing now!

Our Tax Saving Scheme Can Enhance your Money

Looking for tax saving investment, RR Finance is here with you for long term equity funds. Tax saving schemes help in enhancing the money saving the tax over the long term. This scheme beneficial for those who have lots of money and worry of paying tax. Our online investment platform helps you to grow your money paying less tax. Start Invest Online in Tax Saving funds at our India’s #1 investment platform RR Finance. When you think of tax, our financial advisor would guide you to tax management. So before investment you need to know what is tax saving funds and after than start investing in tax saving mutual funds for bright future.



MARKETS: Cash crunch affects service sector

Negative impact of demonetization is now visible in the economy as the recent PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) figures shows. PMI dropped from 54.5 to 46.7 in November. It has registered in contraction territory (below 50) for the first time since June 2015 and pointed to the sharpest reduction in output for almost three years.

There is a major decline in three sub-sectors, namely Financial Intermediation, Hotels & Restaurants and Renting & Business Activities due to cash shortage. New business declined for the first time since June 2015, leading to a solid reduction in activity. In spite of the falls in output and new orders, optimism regarding future activity improved. Input costs were broadly unchanged, whereas prices charged decreased slightly.

This fall in PMI will affect the overall GDP growth. The November manufacturing figures of companies are generally positive but that could be due to cash parked in light of demonetization.

RR Finance


MARKETS: Another EXIT threat – bears take charge

Similar to Britain’s exit vote, Italy would be undergoing a referendum on Sunday, 4th Dec. The vote is to decide whether the government should undertake reforms or not. Italy’s prime minister has offered to resign if the voters go for ‘No’ vote. The risk is that in that case the other parties and PM candidates are strongly in favor of exiting from euro zone. Even bigger risk is that it may then lead to more exits and ultimately breakup of euro zone and euro currency.

It will be a major long term disaster for global economy and geo-political stability.

Polls as well as the general public sentiments in Italy are indicating clear lead of ‘No’ voters – and it is also being reflected in European markets today.


A negative vote will immediately impact markets globally, including Indian markets. Markets had recovered to near 8300 as expected by us where we had recommended shifting from equity to debt. A negative vote may cause Nifty to test 7900 – 8000 level again. Next major support below 8000 is 7750.